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used poles fence

A fence made with old used poles

Whether you need used poles for temporary use or just want to save some money on your next project, is here to connect used pole sellers with buyers for FREE.

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Buying Used Poles

In the interest of safety, please consider the following questions when buying used poles.

  • Why are the poles out of service?
  • Are they treated poles?  If so, how and with what?
  • What are the sizes or classes of the poles?
  • How were the poles used?
  • How old are the poles?
  • What species are the poles?
  • Are you giving up safety to save money?
  • How will you transport and handle the poles?

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Buy Used Poles at Your Own Risk

You should carefully inspect used poles before purchasing them or, at least, request a guarantee of a certain and specific level of quality. will not be held responsible for the content of the listings or advertisements or for the quality of the poles and other materials advertised, listed, or otherwise promoted through this website unless explicitly noted.