Buy Used Poles

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Why Buy Used Poles?

Many poles are replaced well before the end of their usable lifetimes.  This is often especially true with used telephone and used utility poles whose average life span is somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 years while the actual usable life can be as long as 75 years.

After some cleaning and topical treatment most used poles, such as used telephone poles, can be used again to build anything from pole barns to fences to golf course nets and park facilities.

Ideas for Used Poles

Used poles are built into numerous structures, usually to save money but sometimes because the builder or owners wants a “rustic” or “reclaimed” look to their project.

Some great projects used poles get put into include:

  • Fence Posts
  • Post and beam fences
  • Barns
  • Piers or docks on small ponds
  • Tree houses
  • Temporary foot bridges
  • “Dolphin” pilings
  • Misc. landscaping projects
  • Equipment mats

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