Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of used poles can I list?

You can list used poles of any material intended for construction free for 30 days.

Steel, wood, aluminum, fiber glass, etc. are fine.  Submit your pole listing now.

Some of examples of poles we will not list include fishing poles, stripper poles, ski poles, or tent poles.

Where can I sell my trees?

Read “Selling Timber (Uncut Trees)”

Do you buy used poles? does not buy or sell poles. We simply strive to connect buyers with sellers.

How do I ship poles I buy/sell?

There are a number of carriers who will ship poles for you. You need to consider the fact that poles are heavy and difficult to move.

Be honest with your carrier about distances and location specifics because they are not shy about adding extra charges to your bill if a driver has to wait on you to load/unload or if the materials are bigger or heavier than they expected.

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